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I had previously been posting about sales and finding hard-to-find sets on the NCLUG Yahoo! Group, but since we have a “shopping” category here, I figure I ought to share what I see here.

I stopped by two stores today while out running errands:

  • KB Toys – currently having a 75% off “Sidewalk Sale”, but with no LEGO on sale. I was surprised when I finally did find the LEGO that they only had 3 sets in stock (2 large Aquaraiders II kits and one Racers set). After asking an employee, I found out that that’s all they have right now and that they’re probably get more in before Christmas.
  • Hungate’s – I had never heard of this store before, but apparently they’re the place to go if you’re at Cary Town Center and want LEGO. The KB employee I talked to pointed me to this shop (a nice little toy/hobby store around the corner from KB in the mall). This is apparently a chain here in NC, so the non-Raleigh-area people can look for one near them at their website. They had all of the sets that KB did at better prices, and quite a few other sets you don’t see too often as well. The Air Temple set was in, as were plenty of AquaRaiders II, recently discontinued town, and plenty of Bionicle and Creator sets. They only new stuff they had in were a few of January’s Star Wars kits. This store also impressed me on the hobby electronics front – I saw quite a few kid-friendly kits for sale that would be fairly easy to interface with 9V LEGO components (and I’m guessing it’s not much more difficult to build them into Power Functions models either).

If you’re looking for the new sets, Target has most of the Star Wars, Batman, Agents, Speed Racer, and Indiana Jones stuff in (usually – these seem to be selling fairly quickly and then getting replaced every few days).

Toys R Us has lots of the current sets in too, but they’re trying some really off-the-mark pricing on quite a few things. The new Creator sets are in, but they’re all $5-$10 over Shop-at-Home prices.

It’s been about a week since I’ve checked Target or TRU, though – I only go to Cary Crossroads these days when it’s time to dump MegaBloks at the Kid2Kid store (which, by the way, also has some of last year’s Bionicle kits at half-price – not to mention the large selection of off-brand bricks I’ve left there).

The other “bargain” store, Tuesday Morning, is increasingly out of LEGO, but the Cary store still has quite a few large RC Racer kits. They’ve been occasionally and seemingly randomly getting in loose LEGO sets. Tuesday Morning had a fairly large LEGO sale a few months back that we forgot to mention here on the website, but they only announced that big sale because it happened to be on the week that they send out a flyer. I recently caught them selling Steiff animals (the children’s line, not the collector’s one) for 50%-off – with absolutely no warning whatsoever. I’d recommend checking in on Tuesday Morning whenever you can (they generally put new stuff out on Tuesday mornings) because you never know what you’ll find, and the finds often sell out fairly quickly.

Where have you been buying LEGO? Find any deals or hard-to-find sets lately?

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Dan is an AFOL previously living in Cary, North Carolina. He is a life-long LEGO fan, but has only fairly recently (2007 onwards) become active in the Adult Fan of LEGO community. He had previously lived in Londonderry, New Hampshire and Sammamish, Washington, and naturally managed to move out just as LEGO stores went into each area. He has not gotten back on his feet after moving out of NC suddenly due to personal concerns in early 2013.
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