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Some news on the shopping front from Matthew:

Yesterday I stopped by Toys “R” Us [the Cary Crossroads location] to find a fully stocked selection of Lego sets. While there I found set #3832: The Emergency Room, which is not on the Lego S@H US yet. According to Brickset this set is available in Europe. As far as I know this is the first mention of #3832’s availability. Toys “R” Us also had set #7666: Hoth Rebel Base which was rather unusual. Also stocked were the most of the new Lego City sets, especially the new “Coast Guard” theme. Overall the Selection of Lego at Toys “R” Us has; to say the least, improved.


Naturally, I had to look into this and confirm things, then get around to blogging it – so we’ve lost quite a bit of time and the very noteworthy Clone Wars event. I didn’t find out about the Clone Wars event or the Cary TRU’s involvement in it until it was too late to blog it here. The event was a big debut for new Star Wars kits – all of the new Star Wars sets became available through both TRU and LEGO Shop at Home at midnight that Saturday. There were also free LEGO Star Wars posters available with any LEGO Star Wars purchase at Toys R Us, but they ran out of them sometime between Saturday morning and Monday afternoon. When I was there on Monday afternoon, all of the sets mentioned were there – there were only 3 #7666 HRB’s left, but as I’ve said elsewhere, you’re better off buying that through S@H.

Sorry that it took me so long to cover this here – I have no idea how much of this is still in stock or if they pulled the Spongebob Emergency Room set (rumor has it that that kit wasn’t supposed to come out until later this year).

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