August Meeting – Group Build!

We’re now less than a week away from our official August meeting at the Cameron Village Library. This meeting will also serve as a testing ground for a new modular system for adding movement to our town. If you’ve been at one of our past few meetings, you’ll already know what this is for – if not, feel free to take a guess!

I’ve already built the two ends of our contraption and something that we can use for a test on top of the track (I’m going to plug this on the Yahoo! Group too in hopes of a better test subject being ready). What we need for the next meeting is as many middle modules as possible. I’ve uploaded photos of an example middle module to FlickR. The only part that’s actually hard-to-find here is the 9V straight track. The rest is pretty straight-forward. All of the important info is on FlickR with the photos, but here it is again just in case:

  • Modules can be built on 16×16 or 16×32 stud baseplates.
  • Straight tracks should have their ends line up with the edges of the baseplate. The sides are 2 studs in on one side, and six studs in on the other.
  • The tracks are 2 bricks above the baseplate. In the example, I used a large green brick to illustrate this, but smaller supports for the track are fine too (just make sure that the track is supported well – two or three supports ought to do it).
  • Technic bricks go next to the tracks, but at a lower height – 2 plates above the baseplate instead of 2 bricks.
  • The Technic axle (which can be made with smaller axles and other Technic parts if need be) extends one stud beyond the edge of the baseplate on one end, and the opposite end of the axle has an axle extender lining up with the edge of the baseplate.

I think that’s it for essentials – you can check FlickR if any of the details are unclear. With any luck, we’ll be able to get a fairly long stretch of track working at our next meeting. If we’re all happy with the results, this will be the beginning of a new town standard.

About Dan

Dan is an AFOL previously living in Cary, North Carolina. He is a life-long LEGO fan, but has only fairly recently (2007 onwards) become active in the Adult Fan of LEGO community. He had previously lived in Londonderry, New Hampshire and Sammamish, Washington, and naturally managed to move out just as LEGO stores went into each area. He has not gotten back on his feet after moving out of NC suddenly due to personal concerns in early 2013.
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