LEGO Exhibits at the NC State Fair

If you are going to the NC State Fair this year, make sure you swing by the Hobbies and Crafts building to check out the LEGO entries.  There are two age groups (8 & Under, 9-18) and two categories (Original Creations and North Carolina themes) for a total of four categories which are judged.  Joe Meno and I judged the entries for the 4th year this past Tuesday.

As it was last year, there are fewer NC theme entries than original creations and several of entries in original creations would have won a ribbon had they been entered in the NC theme.  Unfortunately, when the NC State Fair went to a computerized registration process a couple years ago there isn’t any way to move entries from one category to another.  We only disqualified one entry this year for being a kit which was a big improvement and much to my surprise, there were no K’Nex entries.

NCStateFair2008-01This entry was by far the best and would have won Best of Show were we able to award one.  It features a really clever SNOT construction technique.

There is some information and a gallery in a post on my LEGO blog.

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