LEGO Store at Crabtree Valley Mall

Uh-oh.  Looks like a LEGO Store will be coming to Crabtree Valley Mall in May.  Wow I never thought Id see a LEGO store in this area, it seems like such a small market compared to the other locations where LEGO has stores (Northern Virginia, Northern California, North Jersey, Chicago, LA, London, Munich, etc.).

Joe Meno posted a note to the NCLUG mailing list with an article from the News & Observer.  Pretty cool I hope NCLUG can work out a rotating display opportunity like WamaLUG has at the Tysons store.

Update:  The N&O has posted more details in another article today.

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One Response to LEGO Store at Crabtree Valley Mall

  1. Max says:

    Big LEGO fan? Looking for a job? The Crabtree store is now looking for a store manager:

    Yes, definitely tempting…

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