Ooooh Ė 10194 Emerald Night is real

Last week pictures were circulating of a new LEGO train set Ė a steam locomotive.  Lots of banter about whether it was real or fake, whether the wheels were new or from Big Ben Bricks.

The official word came out via a LUGNET post from Tony Sava.  The set is very much real and will be available shortly.  It will be shown for the first time at BrickFest PDX in late March.

Iíll certainly pick one of these up, it is too cool not to!  Plus, I canít build a steam train (and I have tried a couple times) to save my life!  The item is already listed on LEGO S@H with a April 15th availability date.  You can add it to your wish list but canít add it to your cart.


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