Charlotte Store Grand Opening Weekend Build Event Info

…or at least the info we have (I’m still hoping to get some information on how adults can volunteer to help sort bricks at the event).

The store at Concord Mills (technically in Concord, NC) will have a giant R2-D2 built during the grand opening weekend. This is an all-ages activity where kids use standard 2×4 and 2×8 bricks to build larger chunks (essentially bricks sized up 4 times) in the correct colors for the model. A Master Builder will be on hand to entertain the kids and use the “bricks” the kids build to assemble the full-size model (based on a reference model which will be there for all to see during the whole event). Much like the giant Yoda built during the Raleigh store grand opening, this will probably be on display near the store for about a month afterward. The “Captain Rex Model Tour!” is also coming to the Charlotte store for the grand opening weekend. If you missed this sculpture when it came to the Raleigh store, do try to check it out in Charlotte – it’s surprisingly well detailed, and you can see some pretty interesting building techniques used to make Captain Rex’s gun, belt, and rear-mounted equipment.

Since this event is during BrickFair, no NCLUG members are anticipating attending. I believe LEGO is still looking for adult volunteers for the build event – more details on that are coming as soon as I find out.

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Dan is an AFOL previously living in Cary, North Carolina. He is a life-long LEGO fan, but has only fairly recently (2007 onwards) become active in the Adult Fan of LEGO community. He had previously lived in Londonderry, New Hampshire and Sammamish, Washington, and naturally managed to move out just as LEGO stores went into each area. He has not gotten back on his feet after moving out of NC suddenly due to personal concerns in early 2013.
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