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On July 22, 2009

This is probably the last post on this as we approach this week’s soft opening of the store.

An official statement by a Concord Mills spokesperson was released to some media outlets this past week. According to Charlotte Business Journal, the new store will have 4,520-square-feet of floor space.

The LEGO Company has unveiled more information about the classrooms connected to the store that we had previously been told about. The company is using curricula and kits from it’s Educational division (you may remember it as “LEGO DACTA”) to offer a number of paid classes for various age groups. Preregistration for such courses will start at this week’s soft opening (which they’ve even announced on their website). Check out the official page of the Concord Store on the LEGO website for more information about the first LEGO Education Center.

Don’t miss that new promotional model they’ll be giving out to qualifying customers on Saturday, August 22nd, to the first ~300 customers to spend $35 or more. It’s a snazzy little racecar sporting the LEGO Education Center logo:

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