Want to Display Your Models at LEGOPalooza 2010?

Would you like to join us in displaying LEGO models at LEGOPalooza 2010? You can! I have posted information about how you can join NCLUG on a new page cleverly entitled “Joining NCLUG”. We’re currently planning some of the general layouts, but nothing is set in stone yet – you can contribute anything to the event, from giant multiple-table layouts to individual trucks or spaceships for group layouts. We must ask that you let us know before bringing LEGO to dispaly – you can coordinate with other LEGO fans in the area through the NCLUG Yahoo! Group.

Additionally, we are planning to get in at least one more regular meeting (and a few smaller planning meetings that we won’t announce on this website) before LEGOPalooza 2010. You’re welcome to join NCLUG and discuss ideas for displays (and show us what you’ve been building!) at any of those meetings.

EDIT 2/3/2010: Please note that the date for LEGOPalooza 2010 has changed.

About Dan

Dan is an AFOL previously living in Cary, North Carolina. He is a life-long LEGO fan, but has only fairly recently (2007 onwards) become active in the Adult Fan of LEGO community. He had previously lived in Londonderry, New Hampshire and Sammamish, Washington, and naturally managed to move out just as LEGO stores went into each area. He has not gotten back on his feet after moving out of NC suddenly due to personal concerns in early 2013.
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