At conception of NCLUG, the group communicated through a Yahoo! Group.  The Yahoo! Group allows you to specify how you wish to receive updates via email, and worked great back in the early 2000s.  As of 2013, this is still the most active form of communication.  To sign up to receive updates, navigate to this URL:

We also share images through a Flickr Photo Pool:

Given the advent of social networking, the club is starting to experiment with a Facebook Page.  This may eventually replace the Yahoo! Group for the primary means of communication:

We also have a Twitter Handle, but there’s not much activity on it right now:

For “internal” communication, we use a handful of specific private invite-only Google Groups.  These distribution lists are tailored towards specific topics, and are marked “private” and “invite-only” due to the sensitive nature of topics being discussed, largely at the request of The LEGO Group.  To find out more about the “internal” communication, simply get involved.


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