HOWTO: display your creation

Coming up with an original design, procuring the correct elements to build your design, and finalizing the build is a rewarding accomplishment.  The next logical step is to share your amazing creation with the world.  You can take pictures and post them on the Internet, but the best way to share its awesomeness is to bring it to a public event and listen to the awe from the attendees.  Unfortunately, taking the step from passive to active displaying NCLUG member can be a daunting task!

There are many passionate LEGO fans in NCLUG, and learning how to productively collaborate and coordinate with all the different personalities can be an exhausting exercise in patience.  This page is intended to help guide new members to make the process as easy as possible.

Everybody is welcome and encouraged to contribute to every event NCLUG is involved in, but there are unavoidable logistics involved with executing each event that all members must acknowledge and understand before contributing.

First and foremost, if you have a desire to contribute at any eventmake your intentions known to NCLUG and the event coordinator at least a week before the event is scheduled to begin!

Each venue typically caters to a different type of audience where certain types of creations make a better “fit”, although any LEGO is welcome at all venues.  Please keep in mind that the LEGO brand is family friendly, so your creations should not deviate too far from this, which protects the brand of both LEGO and the venue.  Questionable creations are typically self censored by members of NCLUG as a whole before the day of the event.  If you’re unsure about your creation, reach out to the event coordinator and ask!

Usually one or more NCLUG members will volunteer to be the event coordinator for a particular event. Because we don’t elect board members, this is a group decision usually agreed upon at the Monthly Meetings, or in chatter.  Event coordinators also typically change between events and years, so it’s important to attend the meetings and/or monitor the fourms so you know which members to speak with regarding a specific event.  If you’d like to be apart of the event coordinators for an event, make sure you attend the meetings or otherwise make your intentions known.  There’s always plenty of work to do, and more people are always welcome!

The event coordinators work with the venue to ensure members of NCLUG have all the resources they need for the public event to be a success.  In order for the coordinators to communicate NCLUG’s needs, they must have input from each NCLUG member that is planning to display.  This includes basic information about your creation such as:

  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Length)
  • Theme
  • Brief description or photograph

Armed with this information, the event coordinators will render a display layout for the event.; taking into account the physical aspects of the venue, related themes, venue audience, flow of traffic, time allowed, etc. This information along with access and setup times for the venue will be typically only shared with those who have made their intentions known.  So if you do not reach out to the event coordinator before the scheduled event, unfortunately you may be denied access and/or there may not be any room for your display.

With all of that said, you also need to be flexible!  The event coordinators are doing this part-time, and they’re working with venues where things may unexpectedly change at the last minute.  The best attitude is to work with the event coordinator, and plan to setup your display as planned.  But if things change, do your best to work with the other displaying members to make the event a success.