HOWTO: suggest a new venue

We’re always open to new venues to bring our creations to, and spread the LEGO brand!  If you have an idea, please share it with the wider group during a meeting or in chatter.

We’re fairly open to exploring new options, and try to keep our schedule so that we only have one event per month.  There are some practical guidelines for where NCLUG will and will not display:

  • NCLUG will never pay a venue money for rent or the opportunity to display our creations there.  Generally, a venue will approach our club and request that we come do a display at no cost, because they understand the draw one of our displays has for their business.
  • NCLUG members who are volunteering at an event must receive free parking and admittance to the venue during setup/teardown and days of the event.  Non-participating NCLUG members will still be required to pay for parking and admittance if they attend.
  • The venue must provide adequate security for the room(s) where NCLUG displays will be setup, especially for multiple day events.  When we put on an event, there will typically be thousands of dollars in LEGO on display.  We will not consider any venue that does not provide security to protect our investment throughout the course of the event.
  • The venue must provide adequate facilities to accommodate the expected traffic.  Our events typically draw thousands of people, so the venue must be capable of handling the number of people expected safely.