HOWTO: transport your creation

Now that you have an awesome display you’re interested in sharing with the world, how do you get it to the venue without breaking it into a million pieces?

This is, understandably, one of the biggest questions from new members.  While there’s no magic answer to this, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind while you’re assembling your build offsite:

  • Place your creation in a sturdy plastic container, then use light packaging material (such as a bath towel) to surround it.  The packaging material will not prevent it from breaking, but rather it’s intended to “catch” the sections that break apart to keep them closely assembled.  Without the packaging material, should one section break off, it could have a domino effect on the entire creation.
  • Wait until you’re setting up your display for the final details.  Placing minifigs and accessories is great to get a feel for how it might look, but this is unnecessary before hand.  Event conditions may, and often do, change at the last minute.  So you’re going to re-arrange everything anyway. Save the finer details for when you’re actually on-site setting up.
  • Don’t build a single piece too large!  Keep in mind that you’re going to have to fit your creation through building doorways and into a vehicle for transport.  If your creation is larger, build in modular sections that can snap together.  The Creator Modular Building series and 10234 Sydney Opera House provide useful methods for building in sections that later assemble into a much larger creation.
  • When building fragile creations, design it so the sections can break away easily; because they will.  The trick is to design it in such a way that sections of the creation can easily fall off from the main piece without destroying the entire creation.  So when they fall off, you only have to re-build that section and re-attach it to the main piece; rather than having to re-build the entire piece.