Monthly Meeting

The group makes an effort to have a meeting at least once a month, at a public venue reasonably close to a majority of members.  Meeting dates and locations will be published and updated on our Events Calendar as frequently as possible.  We try to keep the a consistent venue, but since we don’t collect any fees, and don’t pay for any venue, this often changes from month to month.  If you’re unsure, just ask and someone will point you in the right direction.

Those looking for any type of structure or leadership in these meetings will find it difficult at first, because there is none!  There is also no agenda, and sometimes no purpose, other than an excuse to gather a group of friends to chat about LEGO for a few hours and build fellowship!  This is per design to keep it informal and inviting to all.  The best way to break the ice is to bring a creation you’re currently working on.

Generally, at these meetings members will bring creations they’re currently working on to solicit feedback and suggestions, or simply show off.  We also share any new LEGO related gossip from the latest trade shows, fourms, etc.  Sometimes there are Drafts, or other LEGO related freebies distributed out to those in attendance, which were given to the club from various sources.

An often misconception is that there will always be community brick at the meetings for everyone to dive in and just build something awesome.  While the club does have a bucket of bricks dedicated for this purpose, it’s not always present at every meeting.  The only sure way to have LEGO brick at the meeting, is if you bring it yourself.

When there’s an upcoming public display event, the event coordinators typically spend some time chatting about the logistics of that event, and ask for more volunteers to help if they’re needed.  This is also typically where group display logistics are ironed out.

Because our club is informal, it’s often difficult to capture meeting minutes to post back to the website.  So the only sure way to keep in-touch with activities of the club is to make it out to a meeting every once in awhile!