Think back to when you were younger, simply playing with your friends and LEGO wherever you could find the space.  When you could enjoy companionship and LEGO to nourish your imagination and creativity for as long as the day is long.  Back then, there was no concept of annual dues, membership fees, organizational structure, meeting agendas, recording attendance, or limiting rules.  The basic premise was simply to gather as many friends as possible to play with LEGO to build something awesome!

With that in mind, the North Carolina LEGO Users Group (NCLUG) attempts to emulate this youthful culture in our club.  NCLUG was formed in January 2000 as an loose collection of LEGO enthusiasts based in the state of North Carolina mainly in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) area to share their creations and discuss all things LEGO.  It has since grown to reach LEGO enthusiasts across the entire state, and includes hundreds of members!

NCLUG’s mission is to foster a meeting place both online and offline for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages to share creations, techniques, and thoughts about the LEGO hobby and community. The goal of NCLUG is to share our passion and talent for LEGO with the general public of North Carolina and surrounding areas to further extend the reach of the LEGO brand!

There are some practical guidelines for membership though:

  • Membership is open to all residents in the state of North Carolina who enjoy ANY aspect of The LEGO Group’s collection of products.  Builders, collectors, traders, gamers, etc. are all welcome!
  • To re-iterate, membership is very casual and informal.  There are NO annual dues, membership fees, elected officers, or membership cards.  Everyone in the club has an equal voce to one another.
  • Participation in events is not required, but highly encouraged.
  • Meetings occur roughly once per month, generally somewhere in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) area to discuss planning/execution of upcoming events and other LEGO related topics.
  • Children bring endless creativity and enthusiasm when LEGO is involved, but NCLUG is not legally setup to care for unattended children.  So for LEGO Fans under the age of 16, we ask that they always be accompanied by an adult family member at any NCLUG event or meeting.
  • There is no official association with The LEGO Group, and NCLUG operates independently of The LEGO Group.  However, since NCLUG is effectively promoting the LEGO brand, we should keep everything family oriented, or PG, when displaying at a public events.  This is not a requirement, but rather strongly encouraged.

If you are interested in joining, simply reach out and make your intentions known by participating in chatter, attending meetings, and/or participating in one or more public group display!

There is also a more formal club,  North Carolina LEGO Train Club (NCLTC), which has a primary focus on coordinating large minfig-scale displays.  This club is independent of NCLUG, and any inquires should be directed towards their website.